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Recruitment fraud and scams

Don't be fooled

We’re aware of some fraudulent recruitment scams offering fake job opportunities and/or job offers to job seekers. These scams are carried out by fraudsters claiming to represent genuine organisations or recruitment agencies through online services such as hoax websites or unsolicited emails, to gather personal and/or financial details from candidates as a pre-employment requirement.  

Breedon Group plc (Breedon or the Group) does not ask for any financial commitment or contribution from a candidate at any stage of the recruitment process. We will always conduct an interview before making a job offer to anyone and will never email a candidate with a job offer without prior verbal communication. If you’re asked to send over information like this before having a job interview, don’t do it.

All Breedon applicants are required to apply for jobs through our website at

If you have any concerns, or if you believe you have been a victim of a fraudulent job offer concerning Breedon, please email us with the reference ‘Fraudulent job offer’.